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Farrell's Personal Bee-Tour Guarantee

Hi, and welcome to my website.  You’re probably here as aresult of a Google Search for Wood Bees, Carpenter Bees or something related to them.    That being the case, I venture to say you have an infestation of these pesky critters and are looking for a solution or a way to get rid of them.

My Personal Guarantee - “I am so certain that Bee -Tour works in repelling Wood Bees or Carpenter Bees that, from this day (6/12/2010) forward I will offer a money back guarantee better than Sears or Wal-Mart.  If after using  the Bee-Tour product as directed for thirty days you have not seen a significant reduction in Wood Bee or Carpenter Bee activity in the area of application,  I will refund your money including shipping.  You won’t even have to return the product.  All you have to do is email me at the address given in the footer of the Bee-Tour website and tell me youare dissatisfied”.

So,  with that in mind, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose by purchasing Bee -Tour  today.  Every day you wait is just another day you have to put up with these pesky critters. 

Just scroll down  to the “Add to Cart” button and purchase as much as you want.  I recommend placing the bags about  ten(10) feet apart in the infested area out of the weather and direct sun-light.

Send the Wood Bees or Carpenter Bees on a “Bee-Tour” down the road.

Important Addendum To My Guarantee


 For my guarantee to apply,  the cloth bags must be hung in an area enclosed on at least three sides and covered by a roof.  Hanging the bags otherwise voids the guarantee.

The Wood Bees and Carpenter Bees Just Packed Up and Left (No Forwarding Address)

This is probably the most candid interview about Bee-tour I've done yet.  As GW (that's his name) says "The Wood Bees and Carpenter Bees Just Packed Up And Left".  They went on a Bee-Tour down the road to some else's barn/shed.  They worked on his shed for about fifteen years now they're Bee-Gone.

Wood Bees, Carpenter Bees, Wasps, Dirt Dobbers(Daubers) Have Left The Barn

It's the weekend before Memorial Day
and I'm visiting with my good friend Steve.  It's been about two weeks since we introduced Bee-Tour into his barn.
Let's listen to what he has to say.

They're Gone. The Wood Bees, Carpenter Bees, Dirt Dobbers(Daubers) and Wasps Are All Gone

Take a look at this video and you'll understand why I'm sold on Bee-Tour®.  This is my good friend Gary and we're talking about the phenomenal results he has experienced using Bee-Tour® for the first time.  We're standing in front of his shed that two weeks ago was infested with Wood Bees, Carpenter Bees, Dirt Dobbers(Daubers) and Wasps.  Today, they're gone...thanks to Bee-Tour®.
Order your supply today and end your battle with these critters.


Gary And The Bees

Today we're visiting my good friend Gary.  It looks like he's either practicing his tennis swing or perhaps trying to reclaim his shed from the Carpenter Bees or Wood Bees.  Let's take a look and you make the decision.

Please scroll down to view additional videos and learn more about Bee-Tour™or purchase now by clicking the "Add to Car" button below .

Carpenter Bee or Wood Bee Nests

Ever seen the inside of a Carpenter Bee or Wood Bee Nest?  Care to?  In the following video I have  cut two seperate nests into sections.  Taking a look at this you can see just how much structural damage these pesky critters can wreak on your home, shed, garage, boat, etc.

                         Be sure and click on the "Add to Cart" button below to get your supply of Bee-Tour on the way.
                         For more information on Bee-Tour and Carpenter or Wood Bees be sure and visit my previous posts.


Video Bee-Tour Personal Endorsement From Me

Just put this together this afternoon.  Its really me and its really Bee-Tour®.

Just click the "Add to Cart" button below to get a six-pack of Bee-Tour on the way to you.

Attention All Boaters

I've been a boater of some kind or another for most of my life.  I've owned power boats, fishing boats,  jon boats, pontoon boats, sail boats and even a day cruiser or two.  One huge problem I've encountered with all of them (other than they are holes in the water into which you pour money) is infestations of dirt daubers or dirt dobbers as they are more often called. 

I've cleaned those grimy nests out of the cabins, the hardware, the sail booms and especially the flaked sails by the buckets full.  Its pretty frustrating to get your sailboat deck all cleaned up and shiny then just as you begin to raise the main, here comes an avalanche of dirt dobber nests crashing down on the deck and crumbling into a million dirty pieces.  Plus, anywhere they have been attached, they leave a nasty stain.  Around here (Kentucky and Barkley Lakes) that stain is usually an ugly red-orange.  If they've been attached to a sail, you've pretty much got yourself a tattooed sail. 

Before I began to write this entry I took a walk out to my "test shed" I've been referring to in earlier posts. Not only are the carpenter bees gone, but I didn't see the normal caravan of dirt dobbers coming and going building their little mud castles everywhere.

If you own a boat, especially with a cabin or sails, then you have a dirt dobber problem.  Bee-Tour® may be an easy fix to a dirty problem.  Just click on the "Add to Cart" button below and a six-pack of "Bee-Tour® will be on its way to you shortly.

Now, I keep referring to Kentucky and Barkley Lakes in my posts simply because I'm proud of where I live.  Believe me,  Bee-Tour®  works in any part of the country.  We ship coast to coast on a regular basis.

Cedar or Log Home Owners .... Your Attention Please

Yesterday was one of the most perfect spring days ever in Western Kentucky.  Blue skies and temps in the 80's.  Dogwoods are in full bloom and the Crappie are jumping in the boats on Kentucky and Barkley Lakes.

That means its also ideal conditions for wood bees, carpenter bees and wasps of all kinds to be on the prowl.  However,  around my house they were not!!  I'm impressed with Bee-Tour®.  Once again, I'm telling you, this stuff works.

Now, if you have ever owned or lived in cedar or log home you know that wood bees and carpenter bees can be a real problem.  They can literally destroy cedar siding and take up residence in logs.  In addition, not long after they show up, so do woodpeckers trying to get to the bee larvae.

A few strategically placed sacks of Bee-Tour® will send these pesky invaders down the street.

Bee-Tour® is not an insecticide.  It doesn't kill anything.  It is a repellent, and it works very well.

Just click the "Buy Now" button below and your supply of Bee-Tour® will be it's way to you.


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